Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Heroes for the Sophisticated Man

Just because men are grown up, doesn’t mean they can’t like superheroes. In fact, most men have an undying loyalty and respect for one superhero in particular. Show off your loyalty with one of these fantastic superhero paper sculptures done by PaperNoodle. Each sculpture is cut by hand and made into one of the coolest things you could ever hang on the wall. Check out PaperNoodle’s Captain America and Iron Man paper sculptures:

This artist is extremely skilled. Ladies, if your man happened to devote his life to one of these superheroes when he was little (Batman will always be my biggest role model) then order one!

WARNING: Never under any circumstances buy the wrong superhero memorabilia for a guy. “It’s the thought that counts” does not apply when a Batman receives a Superman shirt for Christmas (Sorry, Grandmom).

1 comment:

  1. Ha love it! I'm a Spider-man fan myself....or rather a Spider-man VILLAINS fan haha!! gotta love the bad guys too!!!