Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can you smell it...?

...Bacon week is approaching. If you are wondering: What is this bacon week you speak of? You act like your blog has been doing bacon week for years although I know it’s a fairly new blog… Don’t worry your little head, we’ll explain.

Bacon completes most meals. Whatever you are cooking or possibly eating while you read this very post, consider how much better it would be if bacon was added. Bacon+Burger=Delicious! Bacon+Chicken Sandwich=Delicious! Bacon Sprinkles in Potato Soup=Delicious! Bacon+Bacon=Double Delicious! Bacon is fantastic, but why do we stop at eating bacon?

Why not wear bacon? Accessorize with bacon? Decorate our homes with bacon? Smell like bacon?

You may be a little concerned that this blog has gone off the deep end in a pot induced bacon craving, but I assure you I am level headed. I am craving bacon now, though.


  1. Bacon - it's not just for breakfast anymore!

  2. Great post! Sitting here having bacon with eggs! Not eggs with bacon but "Bacon" with eggs!