Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can you see us?

Bet you almost missed this blog. Yeah, we're in camouflage today. Camo is believed to be one of the most masculine things out there. It's army related, hunting related, and it looks dirty. Perfect for most guys, right? ::crickets:: No that's not because we are blogging from the woods and decked out in camo. It's because no guys really agree camo is the way to go.

There are some guys who do heart camo. They might have a camo trucker hat they wear even when they're not hunting. We all have that creepy uncle or neighbor. The thing is, they're not on etsy! Etsy (which is 90% moms, vegans, or hipsters) doesn't hunt! Why then, do you think camo will work?

Our absolute favorite is when etsy sellers take something feminine and try to camouflage it's femininity with, well, camo. We did a quick etsy search for "camo" and found these gems.

The camo mapron

Men don't wear aprons. I'm sure the etsy seller chose to not include this person's face because they didn't want to spoil the big secret. This is clearly not a man. Sorry, lady-that-let-herself-go, you're not fooling this blogger. Men don't wear aprons. Especially camo ones.

To recap, soldiers and hunters wear camo when they are soldiering and hunting. Do you think gun toting men worry about getting a little splash of BBQ sauce on their shirt? Come on...

We thought nothing is as bad as a camo mapron. That was, of course, before we saw this:

The camo Baby Sling!

Honestly, WTF? Really? Really? A baby sling. I was embarrassed for this baby being held with the least masculine man on etsy. This model. Men, camouflage outside of the war zone or woods doesn't actually camouflage you. People will actually see you wearing a baby sling.

Our last camouflage disaster is actually a female product. We normally don't post this, but it was too good.

The Camo Deer Hunter Garter

Oh yeeeaahh.... Not only does this come in safety orange and dark woods camo, each garter is decorated with tiny little metal deer. Classsssyyyy.

Folks, camo doesn't make things manly. Trashy, yeah. Manly, no. Please learn from their mistakes.

*PS - We do support the shops that make camo things benefiting soldiers. Just not the shops that make ugly camo things for no reason at all.


  1. haha! too funny!

    found you on etsy forums, i hope you'll come visit me too!

  2. Love your blog. When anyone of the Mixed Species guys rocks camo it's typically in the "mantie" formation.

    Flying our Cro-Mag Freak Flag!
    -the Mixed Species guys-

  3. Haha, I hate camo - it's so pointless unless you're actually in the military.