Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Men like beer.
Men, for the most part, like soap.
Logic would go, men like beer and soap so men would love beer flavor soap. Wrong

Beer+Soap=A Terrible Gift.

Untrue things you might see on a beer soap listing:
Men hate soap.
Men love beer so much they want to smell like it.
Get your man to actually like taking a shower.

Fact: Men don't actually hate bathing. They might not get excited over showering, but that doesn't mean you must entice them with soap that smells like things they like.

For all of the soap making etsy businesses out there who don't fully grasp this, think about it. Do you like pizza? Sure you do. Imagine coming out of the shower and starting your day with your skin smelling like pepperoni pizza. Feel clean? Probably not, because you have a faint smell of pizza on your skin. Beer's worse.

Another thing worth thinking about. When would it be appropriate to go somewhere smelling like beer? Work? A first date? To your in laws? Sure it's a faint smell, but it's still beer. Even if the smell is indiscernable . One might ask what that smell is... do you say beer?

And for the people who will say you don't actually smell like beer, then what's the point? You just gave someone a bar of soap as a gag gift that doesn't even come through with a punch line. You, in fact, just bought a man a $4 bar of soap for their birthday. Rude or lame--you decide.

Let's recap. Beer=good. Soap=Good. Beer Soap=Bad Gift.


  1. This will be fun to follow!! Cute, very cute.

  2. just posted your beer soap on my facebook page, maybe I should have asked bad. If thats a problem, let me know!

  3. totally fine! it's actually awesome!