Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dogtags - Not A Sure Thing

There was recently a post on the forums asking about men's jewelery. Taking a gander around Etsy to see what men's jewelery looks like, I noticed something. There is no men's section for jewelery! This is because men rarely wear jewelery--it's just the way it is. One common mistake imprinters and silver jewelery sellers make is selling dog tags and calling in man jewelery... well it's not. If your father, husband, boyfriend, or brother was in the army, then he already has a dog tag. If he didn't serve, he doesn't and should have a need for a dog tag. In fact, if he possesses a dog tag that's jewelery and not army-related, he'll be beat up, laughed and, and definitely considered not manly. The only acceptable dog tag gift is for a small child who is still young enough to play pretend soldiers. That's it. Stay away from the Jewelery Dog Tags!

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