Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can you see us?

Bet you almost missed this blog. Yeah, we're in camouflage today. Camo is believed to be one of the most masculine things out there. It's army related, hunting related, and it looks dirty. Perfect for most guys, right? ::crickets:: No that's not because we are blogging from the woods and decked out in camo. It's because no guys really agree camo is the way to go.

There are some guys who do heart camo. They might have a camo trucker hat they wear even when they're not hunting. We all have that creepy uncle or neighbor. The thing is, they're not on etsy! Etsy (which is 90% moms, vegans, or hipsters) doesn't hunt! Why then, do you think camo will work?

Our absolute favorite is when etsy sellers take something feminine and try to camouflage it's femininity with, well, camo. We did a quick etsy search for "camo" and found these gems.

The camo mapron

Men don't wear aprons. I'm sure the etsy seller chose to not include this person's face because they didn't want to spoil the big secret. This is clearly not a man. Sorry, lady-that-let-herself-go, you're not fooling this blogger. Men don't wear aprons. Especially camo ones.

To recap, soldiers and hunters wear camo when they are soldiering and hunting. Do you think gun toting men worry about getting a little splash of BBQ sauce on their shirt? Come on...

We thought nothing is as bad as a camo mapron. That was, of course, before we saw this:

The camo Baby Sling!

Honestly, WTF? Really? Really? A baby sling. I was embarrassed for this baby being held with the least masculine man on etsy. This model. Men, camouflage outside of the war zone or woods doesn't actually camouflage you. People will actually see you wearing a baby sling.

Our last camouflage disaster is actually a female product. We normally don't post this, but it was too good.

The Camo Deer Hunter Garter

Oh yeeeaahh.... Not only does this come in safety orange and dark woods camo, each garter is decorated with tiny little metal deer. Classsssyyyy.

Folks, camo doesn't make things manly. Trashy, yeah. Manly, no. Please learn from their mistakes.

*PS - We do support the shops that make camo things benefiting soldiers. Just not the shops that make ugly camo things for no reason at all.

Can you smell it...?

...Bacon week is approaching. If you are wondering: What is this bacon week you speak of? You act like your blog has been doing bacon week for years although I know it’s a fairly new blog… Don’t worry your little head, we’ll explain.

Bacon completes most meals. Whatever you are cooking or possibly eating while you read this very post, consider how much better it would be if bacon was added. Bacon+Burger=Delicious! Bacon+Chicken Sandwich=Delicious! Bacon Sprinkles in Potato Soup=Delicious! Bacon+Bacon=Double Delicious! Bacon is fantastic, but why do we stop at eating bacon?

Why not wear bacon? Accessorize with bacon? Decorate our homes with bacon? Smell like bacon?

You may be a little concerned that this blog has gone off the deep end in a pot induced bacon craving, but I assure you I am level headed. I am craving bacon now, though.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shaving Soap Not Your Style?

We posted yesterday about the fabulous Shaving soap by DECAcandle and we are a firm believer of this product. Some may be a little iffy. You might be thinking: Metsy Blog Team, I am manly and love the idea of shaving with homemade shave soap, but I am worried about this transition from Barbasol to this bar of soap. I wish there was a product that will be trendy enough to be sold at Etsy, manly enough to be endorsed by my new favorite blog, AND something that has a creamy consistency. Well worried reader, fear no more. Check out this fantastic and sexy sounding shaving cream, Midnight Sun:

Ethereal Beginnings, the seller of this fancy, yet manly shaving cream describes the scent as "A mysterious sweet, earthy aroma. Notes of amber, patchouli, rose and sandalwood blends with nuances of jasmine and citrus to bring out the subtle spice undertones. Base notes of vanilla and powder completes this scent." Yeah, sexy.

After trying it you might think: Wow, my face smells sexy. Too bad my body doesn't smell this sexy. It can. Ethereal Beginnings has a matching body wash. Yeah.

While we may have a full mustachioed banner...

...we're still quite the growing blog! If you have any suggestions or comments, we'd love to hear from you!

Email us or convo us through etsy (metsyblog) and give us suggestions!
Let us know:
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We appreciate all comments, criticism, and free samples*!

*No seriously, free samples would kick ass.

A Soap Gift That Won't Be Thrown In The Garbage

After the last post you may be thinking, wow that guy really hates Etsy soap makers. False. Like I've already said before, guys don't hate soap, they just don't get excited over it. I may have to retract that statement though because I saw this and I got excited.

SudsNSuch is a soap shop that features these handy little soaps called "SoapToGo." Check out this SoapToGo that's perfect for campers!

These nifty little push-up-pop like soaps seem great for campers and athletes alike. I remember going to the gym and showering afterwards with my soap that I kept in the old box it came in. It got funky and gross. It wasn't quite college shopping time so stores didn't carry the little soap containers. Little did I know there were soaps like this out there!

Just throw one of these guys in your back pack before going camping or in the duffle bag before the gym! Just because you're sleeping in the woods doesn't mean you have to stink.

*This clever little shop even thought of selling refills!


Men like beer.
Men, for the most part, like soap.
Logic would go, men like beer and soap so men would love beer flavor soap. Wrong

Beer+Soap=A Terrible Gift.

Untrue things you might see on a beer soap listing:
Men hate soap.
Men love beer so much they want to smell like it.
Get your man to actually like taking a shower.

Fact: Men don't actually hate bathing. They might not get excited over showering, but that doesn't mean you must entice them with soap that smells like things they like.

For all of the soap making etsy businesses out there who don't fully grasp this, think about it. Do you like pizza? Sure you do. Imagine coming out of the shower and starting your day with your skin smelling like pepperoni pizza. Feel clean? Probably not, because you have a faint smell of pizza on your skin. Beer's worse.

Another thing worth thinking about. When would it be appropriate to go somewhere smelling like beer? Work? A first date? To your in laws? Sure it's a faint smell, but it's still beer. Even if the smell is indiscernable . One might ask what that smell is... do you say beer?

And for the people who will say you don't actually smell like beer, then what's the point? You just gave someone a bar of soap as a gag gift that doesn't even come through with a punch line. You, in fact, just bought a man a $4 bar of soap for their birthday. Rude or lame--you decide.

Let's recap. Beer=good. Soap=Good. Beer Soap=Bad Gift.

Super Heroes for the Sophisticated Man

Just because men are grown up, doesn’t mean they can’t like superheroes. In fact, most men have an undying loyalty and respect for one superhero in particular. Show off your loyalty with one of these fantastic superhero paper sculptures done by PaperNoodle. Each sculpture is cut by hand and made into one of the coolest things you could ever hang on the wall. Check out PaperNoodle’s Captain America and Iron Man paper sculptures:

This artist is extremely skilled. Ladies, if your man happened to devote his life to one of these superheroes when he was little (Batman will always be my biggest role model) then order one!

WARNING: Never under any circumstances buy the wrong superhero memorabilia for a guy. “It’s the thought that counts” does not apply when a Batman receives a Superman shirt for Christmas (Sorry, Grandmom).

Seller Showcase : A Well Dressed Bullet

While they consider themselves a “Mom and Pop” operation, Kathy and Rick from A Well Dressed Bullet are anything from traditional. We love this shop because they’ve transformed bullets into sturdy and professional accessories for men—accessories men would actually wear! Now, bullets aren’t for everyone, but for some (specifically military men, hunters, and police officers) this shop has some badass gifts! Just check out their belt buckles:

They’ve got a huge selection of different belt buckles made from rifle bullets, hand gun bullets, and shot gun shells. Other accessories include cufflinks, clocks, pens, and much more! When searching for a gift for that gun-toting man in your life, check this shop out for all the necessary badassness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Put Down the Barbasol!

Men, we shave. Shaving sucks. Make it suck less with this:Leave your face smooth and smelling great with this Shea and Clay Shaving Soap by DECAcandle! It's green and long lasting! This Giorgio Armani-like shaving soap is only $4.00 and it lasts a lot longer than your Barbasol can. Try it once and you'll never look back.

Manliest Grill Accessories

Fire and Meat. Quite Possibly the manliest combination ever. period. The celebration of manliness known as BBQ'ing needs a home-made etsy makeover. We are currently looking for Etsy sellers that feature BBQ'ing must haves! Send us links to your items, your shops, or items you've bought and maybe it'll be featured in Metsy's Top 10 List of BBQ Must Haves!

Dogtags - Not A Sure Thing

There was recently a post on the forums asking about men's jewelery. Taking a gander around Etsy to see what men's jewelery looks like, I noticed something. There is no men's section for jewelery! This is because men rarely wear jewelery--it's just the way it is. One common mistake imprinters and silver jewelery sellers make is selling dog tags and calling in man jewelery... well it's not. If your father, husband, boyfriend, or brother was in the army, then he already has a dog tag. If he didn't serve, he doesn't and should have a need for a dog tag. In fact, if he possesses a dog tag that's jewelery and not army-related, he'll be beat up, laughed and, and definitely considered not manly. The only acceptable dog tag gift is for a small child who is still young enough to play pretend soldiers. That's it. Stay away from the Jewelery Dog Tags!

Metsy - A Revolution

We are not sure if you've noticed, but Etsy is quite the feminine website. Does this mean most crafters, sewers, knitters, decoupagers, and ceramic makers are women? Yes. Does this mean men don't have a place in this crafty world? Of course not. Does this mean "Men" should be just one of many links under "Accessories" or "Clothing" while women products take up the majority of the two? No! Men like home made, hand crafted, slightly irregular, home goods just as much as everybody else, we just have a different taste.

That's where we come in. What men are looking for, very few Etsy shops offer. We aren't looking for Kitty-Aprons, knitted fruits, or scarves. Granted, some men are looking for those products and are trendy enough to pull that off--we're not those men. Where are the products for real men--the barbecuers, the athletes, the couch potatoes, the dads? We're searching for products for this target audience--not the hipsters, scene kids, and other skinny legged men that wear girl jeans.

Check out this site regularly for showcased items, sellers, and gift packages perfect for your testosterone-fueled hand crafted supporter.

We'll even be having some contests here and there.

Check us out! Bookmark us! Join the Metsy revolution and don't let the men of etsy be forgotten!