Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Soap Gift That Won't Be Thrown In The Garbage

After the last post you may be thinking, wow that guy really hates Etsy soap makers. False. Like I've already said before, guys don't hate soap, they just don't get excited over it. I may have to retract that statement though because I saw this and I got excited.

SudsNSuch is a soap shop that features these handy little soaps called "SoapToGo." Check out this SoapToGo that's perfect for campers!

These nifty little push-up-pop like soaps seem great for campers and athletes alike. I remember going to the gym and showering afterwards with my soap that I kept in the old box it came in. It got funky and gross. It wasn't quite college shopping time so stores didn't carry the little soap containers. Little did I know there were soaps like this out there!

Just throw one of these guys in your back pack before going camping or in the duffle bag before the gym! Just because you're sleeping in the woods doesn't mean you have to stink.

*This clever little shop even thought of selling refills!

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