Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Metsy - A Revolution

We are not sure if you've noticed, but Etsy is quite the feminine website. Does this mean most crafters, sewers, knitters, decoupagers, and ceramic makers are women? Yes. Does this mean men don't have a place in this crafty world? Of course not. Does this mean "Men" should be just one of many links under "Accessories" or "Clothing" while women products take up the majority of the two? No! Men like home made, hand crafted, slightly irregular, home goods just as much as everybody else, we just have a different taste.

That's where we come in. What men are looking for, very few Etsy shops offer. We aren't looking for Kitty-Aprons, knitted fruits, or scarves. Granted, some men are looking for those products and are trendy enough to pull that off--we're not those men. Where are the products for real men--the barbecuers, the athletes, the couch potatoes, the dads? We're searching for products for this target audience--not the hipsters, scene kids, and other skinny legged men that wear girl jeans.

Check out this site regularly for showcased items, sellers, and gift packages perfect for your testosterone-fueled hand crafted supporter.

We'll even be having some contests here and there.

Check us out! Bookmark us! Join the Metsy revolution and don't let the men of etsy be forgotten!

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  1. Wow. Men of the Web Unite!
    Its true. The facts are the facts. Women make up the majority of the etsy Producer Base and Customer Base therefore the majority of products are geared at women. That unto itself is nothing to be critical of, but applauded. These women have done a fantastic job of building a handcraft portal, developing a market for handmade and local, and refining an online retailer. Search really has come a long way.

    But ahem!
    Etsy needs a little balancing. Dont get me wrong I'm a grilled steak and strong beer kinda guy, and I am also a Broccoli and Tofu kinda guy but I think the 21st century male should be diverse, well rounded, strong in traditional senses, and still open minded.
    I like woods, farms, guns, girls, and still believe in equality for all people. I'm about half old school traditional guy and half modern open minded guy. Politically I consider myself truly centrist. I'm from Massachusetts and damn proud of it. But I understand the life of people from Huntsville Alabama just as well as the people from Cambridge Massachusetts and I believe both have great merit. I did live in the South for seven years.

    All those hipster, scenster girl jean wearing guys get the pop culture attention, and seem like they are the majority and the future but like it or not the male at his core is just about the same as he always was. He works hard with his hands, he likes women and beer, and he knows what products, styles, and lifestyles do not apply to him. God Bless Testosterone.

    That being said.

    As a man I'd like to say thanks ladies for developing a great place on the web! Your sweat, dreams, and long hours are paying off!

    Now guys get to work!