Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Secret Agent Librarian

In no way are we trying to feed into the stereotype that men don't read. We read all of the time. In fact, some of us even have a good ol' fashioned BA in English. Just to clear the air, men do like reading.

Something a man might like more than reading, however, is being a spy. Yes, a spy.

Now you might be thinking, who the hell is selling random books on etsy? Metsy mentioned something about being a spy yet they post a picture of books...

These aren't your run of the mill English survey class collection of books, no these are safes. Let me explain... When you were little did you ever watch a favorite TV character go to their bookshelf, open a book and pull out money, a drink, or a weapon? Well since the days of less censored television, we always wanted a hollowed out book to keep secretive things in. Well the good people of ScreaminMonkeyCircus answered my childhood prayers. This shop hollows each book BY HAND. No power tools, no electricity... just pure man power. They've got a full list of books ready to be hollowed out and filled with secret things... things nobody should ever know about. That or candy.

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