Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Man's Honest Opinion

Are your duct tape wallets collecting dust? Are your man bags sticking out like sore, unsold thumbs? Maybe you have a line of maprons that you think are macho. Maybe your heart is breaking at the lack of hearts your man jewelry is getting.
Well if you are looking for genuine, 100% manly advice and criticism from your new favorite blog, you're in luck! Currently we are critiquing shops at:

Post your shop, give us a shout out, and we will gladly give your shop the up and down. Maybe if we really like you we may even feature you on this awesomely cool, badass, manly blog. Or we might make fun of you at a much later time.

PS-If you post maprons, you will be made fun of. Nobody likes a mapron.


  1. lol. 'mapron.' thanks for the new word. it will fit nicely in my vocabulary between 'manties' and 'manpri-s.'

  2. just trying to picture my husband if I brought him home a mapron. He cooks sure but a mapron nope that would be to far. This site is cracking me up :)

  3. Seriously, women CAN design for guys. Really, we can. Guys buy my stuff, and not as gifts either. And my husband, who is the web designer and t-shirt maker extraordinaire, wears them too! You can check out our Etsy shop if you want, but you'll find a lot more selection on our own site,

    The Wife half of Gear4gearheads
    a woman enjoying hanging out in a "man's world" (car shows and cruise nights)

  4. I was totally loving reading your critiques and your blog until I came across this attack on maprons! I disagree. My boyfriend helped design my his/hers aprons and I have had several requests for maprons from (gasp) MEN!

  5. To weigh in on the great mapron debate--it definitely matters what the mapron looks like. Some can be classy and a nice gift. Whereas others... well, let's just say that making things in ugly fabric doesn't make them for guys.

  6. What the heck is a mapron? I'm guessing a man apron? this blog is awesome, I'm going to pass it on to some of my friends....they'll love it! Got any examples of maprons? I just got camera straps for guys and gals. Everyone needs a camera to sell on etsy, right? so I guess you need one of my camera straps!!

    I'm game for a metsy critique!

  7. maprons were referenced on SNL on saturday night. Alec Baldwin was wearing one.