Monday, June 14, 2010

The Flaming Mapron

Check out the first of the five most common flavor atrocities of maprons... The Flaming Mapron!

Ugga Ugga men love fire! Ugga Ugga men love cooking meat with fire! Ugga Ugga men love cooking meat with fire while wearing fire? This mapron comes from the understanding that men haven’t evolved since the cave man days, and men (like cavemen) are proud of their fire. One thing we've noticed, the selection of fire patterns hasn't evolved much either. We've found five different sellers with their own style of mapron, using the same painstakingly tacky flames. Check out how each mapron maker used the same flames for their own twist of the unmasculine.

The All Encompassing Flaming Mapron

Dad try this on. I wanted to see what you would look like if I lit you on fire.

"Born 2 Be Wild"

No man's interests on Facebook include: fire, motorcycles, and maprons.

The Incredibly Unmasculine Patchwork Flaming Mapron

Nothing says manly like patchwork! Also, only real men wear aprons without hemmed edges and apron strings...?

The Drinking Man's Mapron

Perfect for the father who wants to embarrass his children with his lack of style AND his drinking problem!

The Surprise NSFW Flaming Mapron

No words.


  1. Oh god.... the last one - WTF?!

  2. omg, omg. i did NOT expect that last one. my eyes are burning!! but more maprons please!!

  3. hahaha what the F just happened there