Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pardon Our Absence...

We’ve been all sorts of busy. There’s been graduations, moving, finding a job, blue screens of death, still looking for a job, and even a new baby! But we are back with a vengeance. Well not really vengeance, I mean nobody wronged us. But we are back and we’ve come bearing mustaches! We’ve found through awesomely mustashtic products from Etsy sellers!

First, what better way of waking up than with a hot mustachioed cup of coffee? A mustache says a lot about a person. It tells you if the person is a cowboy, evil villain, or a Frenchman. Decide what your day will be like by sporting a similar mustache on your coffee cup! UptownAvenue’s 6 upcycled mustachioed stackable mugs with a holder is the perfect gift for anybody that likes starting their day with cream, sugar, and testosterone.

Maybe the morning is too early for all of this manliness. Maybe you have a mustache, but you want people to see it while you guzzle a beer instead of waiting for the mustache surprise once you put your beer down. Or maybe you just like mustaches and drinking! Whatever your reason might be, buy these mustachioed pint glasses and shot glasses. BreadandBadger’s sandblasted etched glassware is dishwasher safe and f’ing awesome.

Last but not least, we’ve got something for the ladies, alopecia patients, and prepubescent mustache aficionados. LittleAngelsJewelry is selling handmade mustache necklaces! This necklace, which was rocked by Lydia from last season’s Big Brother, is modeled after the mustache to beat all other mustaches. No, not you Tom Selleck… Mr. Pringles!

And with that, we bid you good mustache to you and good night.


  1. these are great finds! I love the mustache mugs

    Found you in the etsy forums

  2. I am enjoying your recent posting and critique in the Etsy Forums! You are a scream! Love it! Keep it up.